Some Extra Notes on the Nov 2022 School Bond

Think of these as footnotes

#1: impact on residential property taxes
There is a slightly lower recent estimate from the town on the impact of the bond on property taxes, because of cost cuts to the project from its original $126.5mm estimate.

But most of those cuts are merely shifting the burden from the school to the town, so the taxpayer will have to cover one way or another, which is why the estimate of 25% increase still stands. 

For example, removing the demolition and site restoration costs for the Pond Cove school, and “giving” the Pond Cove school building to the town does not save taxpayers one cent. It is simply off-loading project costs onto the town. Taxpayers are still on the hook for the costs of demolition and site restoration or maintenance. The same can be said about removing the costs of closing up the 1933 building, and giving it to the town ”as is.”
#2: state funding for school projects
The state only funds a handful of such projects a year so there's a waiting list. A district would need to wait for years, as many as 10 in some cases, before its turn comes. 

This of course raises the question of why our district didn't apply years ago, as there have been calls for rebuilding Pond Cove and the middle school as far back as 1993, and certainly as recently as 2017. If we had applied in 2017 we'd be 5 years into a conservative wait time of 10 years.